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Banker Turned Web Developer

Currently working through the Codecademy Full Stack Engineer Pro Career Path, I am a part-time website developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
I am currently looking for an opportunity to turn this part time passion in to a full time career.



Projects I have completed

Note that these are in the process of being updated as I am learning and growing as a developer!

ellis hairEllis Thom Hair Studio

This is a website that is for a friend. She does not yet know what about this website as she plucks up the courage to quit her job and start herself!

mixed MessagesMixed Messages

What would happen if certain players played in other leagues? This was a Codecademy Javascript challenge however all JS has been implemented by me and then the HTML/CSS has been implemented afterward. To be Updated.

css cheatsheetCSS Cheatsheet

Another Codecademy Project. The functionality has not been included on this website yet however it is in the plans to complete the back-end learning and then link this table to a database which I can add to.

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